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From The Booth

Mineola Texas Football Home of the Mineola Yellow JacketsWelcome to East Texas High School Football!


The 2014 season proved to be an exciting one for the Mineola YellowJackets and the anticipation for the upcoming season is at a fever pitch. The coaches and athletes are excited about the start of the season and setting their goals high in pursuit of a state title. Meredith Memorial received a facelift with the new turf as they pursue to play 16 with pride through excellence. Be sure to check out the latest scores on Twitter @leadoffsport and online at www.leadingoffsports.com.  Here are some of the upcoming events for the YellowJacket Football Team.

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From The Booth Vol. 1

Jason Goodson at Meridith Memorial Stadium Announcer Booth


Let Me Introduce Myself 


       My Name is Jason Goodson, the P.A. Announcer for the Mineola YellowJackets.  21 Years ago, Meredith Memorial Stadium was built to house the Yellowjackets.  Today, it received an upgrade.

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