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From The Booth Vol. 1

Jason Goodson at Meridith Memorial Stadium Announcer Booth


Let Me Introduce Myself 


       My Name is Jason Goodson, the P.A. Announcer for the Mineola YellowJackets.  21 Years ago, Meredith Memorial Stadium was built to house the Yellowjackets.  Today, it received an upgrade.

 After many years of cutting the grass, painting the lines, laying down new grass, and adding a soccer program, turf has been added to the surface at Meredith Memorial Stadium.    Why is this so important to me as a the P.A. Announcer at Meredith Memorial?  I am a 1992 graduate of Mineola High School, a former football player for the Yellowjackets.  I never experienced playing at Meredith Memorial Stadium, its doors opened in 1994 as the new field in Mineola.  The previous football stadium known simply as YellowJacket Stadium, it was originally a city park used for Horse Racing, the stadium was used from 1912-1992 according to local historian Jim Phillips.


      In 2014, 20 year after Meredith Memorial opened its doors, the Yellowjackets advanced to the UIL State Finals at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Tx  starting Freshman, Sophomores, and two very large juniors, and six seniors.  This historic run ended that evening in defeat to Cameron Yoe.   The next step in the line for the football team, the coaches, and the district was to upgrade their field beginning with the turf.  The turf renovation began on April 28 and was complete on July 21st.  Just under four months and the Yellowjackets now have a stadium that is worthy of a state run.  For future generations to come, including my own children the turf is a symbol of pride and excellence.   A reminder of the past, pride for today, and promised hope for the future.  


      The goal this season is to cover East Texas High School Football from the perspective of the booth.  I have the excellent opportunity to not only be a P.A. Announcer, but to host my own East Texas High School Radio Show called Friday Night Live.  A unique call in show for the fan to give a shout out to their favorite team and player with the up to date final scores each week during the season.   Also, through the medium of the leading off sports website, we have the unique ability to produce top end podcast with each of our contributing writers.  My goal is to cover East High School Football by looking at the stats, interviewing fans, and talking with the coaches see the unique perspectives from the booth.  Look for my articles “From The Booth” on Thursday Evenings and breakdown of all the scores on East Texas High School Scoreboard on Saturday Mornings.  


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Photos by Johnny Taylor


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